Where to Start

Watching a beloved pet decline due to age or illness is emotionally challenging, and putting a pet to sleep is never simple.

You may find yourself questioning if it’s really time, unsure of whether the good days make up for the bad ones, and conflicted between the urge to hold on and the desire to make sure your pet doesn’t suffer. We understand and we’re here to help.

When is it Time?

From assessing your pet’s quality of life, to taking stock of your emotional and financial capacity to continue, we can help you weigh all the factors that go into putting a pet to sleep and achieve clarity and peace of mind about your choice.

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What to Expect?

It’s normal to feel some anxiety about the euthanasia itself, especially if it is your first time putting a pet to sleep. We explain everything  that happens before, during, and after this gentle process so you know what to expect and can focus more fully on being there for your pet.

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“Truly a much needed business model. This is the type of care everyone should know exists. End-of-life stage should be comfortable for both pet and parent alike.”

– Pet Parent, New York, NY
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