Making the decision to put your pet to sleep is a difficult one, and of course you want to make sure that your pet is in the best hands. Take a look at some of our reviews and testimonials to see how other pet owners feel about their experience using HomeHeart for in-home pet euthanasia. You can also read even more reviews on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. If you have any remaining questions or concerns, please feel free to call our veterinarians anytime at 201-243-3222.

Thank you for sending such a wonderful, caring and empathetic lady to help us through one of the worst days of our lives.

– Anonymous

I called HomeHeart after our family dog took unexpected turn for the worse and immediately got a call back from Dr. Sam. Within a few hours Dr. David came to our home and was unbelievably comforting,respectful and professional. Our dog Reilly passed away extremely peacefully surrounded by her loving family. The process was very quick, however Dr. David did not make us feel rushed with saying our final goodbyes. I highly recommend HomeHeart and would not choose any other way for our girl to make her transition to the rainbow bridge ? ?

– Caitlin B., Google

We put our baby girl Regi Rabbit to sleep last night in the comfort of her own home. I’m very grateful for Dr. Birse’s kindness and would highly recommend this service to anyone in need.

– Melanie R., Facebook

Dr. Sam and Dr. David were easy to talk to and responsive and kind during the whole process. No one wants to see their beloved pet/family member sick and suffering. We knew our Buddy was at the end of his life and we didn’t want to see his life end on a sterile. stainless vet table.

Upon contacting HomeHeart, they immediately responded and we were able to set up an appointment at my home with Dr. David on a Holiday weekend when no one else was available.

Dr. David showed up at the appointed time, was soft spoken and understanding and very considerate of our sadness. The entire process occurred on our sofa in our home while I was able to comfort Buddy the entire time. He passed peacefully as I held his head.

I fully recommend this service and the wonderful doctors at HomeHeart.

-Gloria, Yelp

Thank you so much. Dr. David was wonderful and compassionate. I couldn’t have imagined such a heartbreaking event in our lives to happen so peacefully in our home.

Warmest regards,

– Cascone Family

My husband, Shachar (David), and I wanted to thank you and Dr David from the bottom of our hearts for the supportive and thoughtful way you both took care of Suzy and our family in the last few days.

It was such a comfort to know that I could call you for both medical and emotional advise. Your wisdom and love came through so clearly and were a gift during our time of need. Dr David was so kind, gentle, and patient. He generously stayed with us as we laid Suzy to rest; his presence was so comforting and reassuring. The memory we have of Suzy’s last moments is beautiful and we will always reflect on it with good feelings.

Many blessings,

– Amy & Shachar

We miss our cute black cat, Lucy, but are ever so thankful for Home Heart Vet services. You came to our apartment in April to help us with Lucy. You and your team were so compassionate, knowledgeable and professional that we knew we made the right choice with this very difficult decision.

– Diane & Tony

Dear Dr. Dan,

We want to express “our gratitude” again for handling our little boy Cisco with such tender care during the end of his life. Your professionalism and the compassion you showed helped make the experience of putting him to sleep less painful. After you left, we drove Cisco to Hartsdale Pet Cemetery and laid him to rest in a beautiful setting on a beautiful day.

We now have his 19 year old sister Sasha to care for and she will certainly receive a lot of attention from us! Thank you for trimming her claws and showing us the great technique you used.

We are grateful for the very nice and noble service that you provide to pet owners… and we wish you all the best.

Esther & Jack Simon, Google

As difficult as it is to write this review, I feel it’s best to share with everyone whilst my memory is still fresh. Just last week, my loving friend which I had the privilege of knowing and living with after 9 and a half years became suddenly very weak and ill. I’ll spare you, the reader, the heartbreaking details as this is not about me nor my beloved canine Simon, but about Dr. Sam and Dr. Dan of HomeHeart Vets and their unbridled compassion they shared with me in the last 48 hours. We awoke yesterday feeling helpless and desperate and were fortunate enough to find them on the internet. I called Dr. Sam and shared our situation and the plight of Simon (my dog) and she immediately and demonstrably showed such genuine and emotive compassion, any words I can muster will do her and her colleague an injustice. Her colleague Dr. Dan arrived promptly to our home and confirmed what we in a way, already dreaded. We never felt any pressure to make any decision and his compassion was truly unparalleled. If you ever find yourself trying to aleviate your companions suffering and need people who are authentic and truly care about your pet’s well being, please, I implore you to call them to help you with your decision. This has been probably one of the, if not the most difficult days of my life, and I wouldn’t have been able to endure the agony had I not had these wonderful human beings by our side.

PS I love you Simon, I hope you’re running like you once did and that the breeze that touches my skin every day is you caressing my wounded soul. Rest In Peace dear friend.

– Andres E., Google

Truly a much needed business model. This is the type of care everyone should know exists. End-of-life stage should be comfortable for both pet and parent alike.

-Arnoldo D., Facebook

The Dr’s on the phone and that come to your home are beyond compassionate. The way they guided us through such a traumatic emotional time made this so much easier. They displayed such professionalism and compassion that helped tremendously and the aftercare was very thoughtful. I hope the day never comes, but should I ever need to put a pet to sleep again HomeHeart would be my choice.

-Anonymous, Google

My 9 year old Pitbull Dante had been having trouble swallowing and eating food properly for a few days. By the time I called HomeHeart Vets he could no longer eat unassisted. He still got excited when I came home and wanted cuddles though. After a really bad night when he seems disorientated in the garden I made the hardest phone call I have ever had to do.

Dr David arrived the next evening. He agreed it was the fairest thing for him. This helped me because I had been going back and forth about if it was time or not and wrestling with the decision. Dante received some sedation first and he rested his head in my arms as he fell asleep. This was his last memory and it was so peaceful. He started snoring and was then given the last injection.

I highly recommend HomeHeart, their vets are so kind and compassionate. These are the people who do the hardest job to help us when we don’t want to have to make it harder for our babies.I received the ashes back in a timely manner and feel like it could not have been a better experience for the circumstances. Thank you HomeHeart so very much.

-Emilia, Google

I couldn’t believe this day had finally come. I had been dreading this day ever since I had fallen in love with my darling cat Casper 14 years ago.

I called HomeHeart and a Dr answered the phone, she was so sweet and compassionate I started crying there already. She was so patient and discussed the process and explained that Dr David will be able to come out. He was on time and even available the same day.

When he arrived he was so gentle and caring with Casper, and me! My little kitty went to sleep peacefully in my arms and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I felt relief knowing he would no longer suffer and it had been gentle for him to pass.

This was my first time doing this at home but now I will always know to call HomeHeart.

Thank you Drs at HomeHeart, I will recommend you to anyone I know that needs to put their baby to sleep.

-Gabriel, Google

HomeHeart Veterinary End Of Life Care helped my pet go peacefully. Their service continues up to providing grief support to their clients.

-Josh, Yelp