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Pet Cremation and Burial Services

Choosing your pet’s final resting place.

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Pet Cremation

If you decide to have your pet cremated, the next decision is whether to choose private or communal pet cremation services.

Private Cremation: Your pet’s ashes will be returned to you in a cherry wood urn with a personalized memorial certificate and engraved nameplate for the urn. Should you wish, your presence at the time of the cremation is welcomed. Contact us for further details.

Communcal Cremation: If you choose communal pet cremation services, your pet will be respectfully cremated simultaneously with other pets. The remains are not returned to you but are gently scattered in the Hamilton Pet Meadow Memorial Park in Hamilton, NJ.

Burial Services

As an alternative to pet cremation services, you can consider burial services for your animal. There are two options to consider:

Formal Burial: Formal burial of your pet is available, including casket and granite marker. A deed restriction and maintenance fees ensure the continuation of the cemetery.

Home Burial: You may be able to keep your pet after the euthanasia has been performed and handle the burial arrangements. Local laws and restrictions surround pet burial, so ensure you familiarize yourself with these laws before considering this option.

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Pet Loss Support

After the appointment is over and all the final arrangements have been made, you may feel a profound sense of loss in the days that follow. With HomeHeart, you’re never alone.

Through our partnership with Pet Loss Community, we ensure you have all the support you need to grieve your pet.

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