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Extending Your Services

We understand the challenging life of the veterinarian.  You wear many hats in your daily life.  You are the medical expert, the educator, the protector of public health, the shoulder to cry on.  One of the most difficult roles you play is in providing euthanasia for pets at the end of their lives.  Busy schedules and complex cases can make it hard to find the time and space to deliver euthanasia the way you may wish to.  On top of this, visiting the hospital can be stressful for both patient and client.  Even with Fear Free approaches and dedicated euthanasia rooms, anxiety is often increased.

Continuity of Care

For these situations, we are here to help you offer another option.  We have worked with 100’s of families and their primary vets to facilitate peaceful transitions in the comfort and familiar surroundings of home.

We work closely with you to ensure continuity of care and communication as you offer this progressive and compassionate option to the pets under your care.

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