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In-Home Pet Euthanasia

The HomeHeart Advantage and What’s Included.

An older black and white pug dog being held by his older owner

The HomeHeart Advantage

Not only can saying goodbye at home avoid the need to transport a fragile pet, but it also relieves them of the stress of the veterinary office environment so they can feel at ease during their final moments.

In-home pet euthanasia allows pets to experience a peaceful passing in their bed or favorite spot, surrounded by their family, with all the comforts of home around them. When it comes time to make end-of-life decisions for your pet, our in-home pet euthanasia services offer many benefits.


Presence of Loved Ones

In-home pet euthanasia allows you to include your family and friends in the appointment.


If you are considering putting your dog or cat to sleep, this likely means that their health is at a point where travel is uncomfortable or is impossible. In-home pet euthanasia prevents this unnecessary stress.

Calm Atmosphere

There is no place like the comfort of your own home, for you and your pet to say goodbye.


In-home pet euthanasia gives you the space you need to grieve after your pet has passed.

What’s Included

Before, during, and after your appointment, we give you the support and compassion you need to say goodbye. Our in-home pet euthanasia services include:

  • Phone consultation
  • In-home visit
  • Sedation tailored to your pet’s unique needs
  • Euthanasia
  • Aftercare
  • Informing your family veterinarian of your pet’s passing
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What Comes Next

After your appointment, we handle your pet lovingly and with respect. We have several different aftercare options to choose from.

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