5 Reasons why In Home Euthanasia is the kindest option


No One Should Die in a Hospital

When we feel poorly the last thing we want to do is leave our bed, let alone our home. The same applies to you pet. Most likely they don’t enjoy going to the vet even when they feel well. Often as they get older there have been more trips to the vet office and they may have had tests and injections which make them more scared of going back. Unfortunately we can’t explain to them that we are trying to help them. Even as people, we understand the hospital is to help us, yet we get scared going there too.

Their last memory doesn’t have to be going in the car and being scared sitting on a cold exam table and in a clinical room. It can be so much kinder and more gentle to be at home where everyone feels comfortable. Laying in their favourite bed is where they get to fall asleep in your arms and feel peace and love. Without fear or being anxious like at the hospital.


Let This Moment Be What It Deserves To Be

As a veterinarian, and more importantly, as a pet owner myself, I was struck by the difference of the in clinic experience compared to the at home option. I did not even know this was an option until a client from my clinic asked me to go to her home after work that day to help her say goodbye to her dog.

Seeing that families experience at home that evening, for them and their pet, I realized then and there that this is truly the kindest, gentlest option. It makes such a difference in so many ways. There is no loud busy vet practice background noise. You and your beloved pet can have the peaceful homely atmosphere you feel comfortable in.


Honor You and Your Pets Bond

A peaceful transition is the last gift you can give to your beautiful companion. You and your pet have shared wonderful years together and build a truly amazing bond, this is why you make the hardest decision to help them. True love means that you understand when your dearest pet is suffering and that it is kindest to let them go. Sometimes the hardest decision means we have to experience heartbreak instead of keeping our pet just for us.

Honor this time by having the space and time to say goodbye in the place that you have spent the most time together. The place where you both feel safe and secure to focus on each other and having the love in those last moments to treasure.


Have the Support You Need

During this truly devastating time, you will need the support of your loved ones more than ever. Family members and your close friends provide comfort and help you process the difficult emotions and are there with you to help ease the pain.

Your pet can have their favourite people and be surrounded by love as their last memory. There is no limit to how many people can be present for the appointment at home. Give you and your family the chance to be together to say goodbye.


Do You and Your Pet Have A Favorite Place Outdoors?

You and your pet may have a favourite place in Mother Nature where you have spent many happy days. Perhaps there is the park where you both spent hours playing ball and chasing squirrels? There is the beach where you watched the waves and sunset together many an evening.

We are not limited to only in home euthansaia, we can help you wherever you feel most comfortable and in your happy place. Let us be here for you and help you in the way that serves your needs best.

We want to help you have the goodbye the way you need it to be, HomeHeart Vets truly care and we can answer any questions you have.