The loss of a Pet can be a traumatic experience. It is common to hear people saying, ‘this is the last pet I will own; it’s just too hard to say goodbye’. For some this may be true. But for a lot of people, time heals the wound. Eventually, many pet loving people become ready to open their hearts and their homes up to another pet.

When the time comes, there are many places where a new companion can be found. Here we will discuss a few of these and their relatives merits.

Dog Breeders

It is amazing to think that all dogs, from the tiniest Chihuahua to a Great Dane, are all members of the same species. No other species can claim such variability in appearance as man’s most faithful companion. There are 193 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. For each of these, there are innumerable breeders of varying calibers. The choice to purchase a dog from a breeder is somewhat controversial. There are so many dogs needing good homes, that some people feel that breeders add to the overpopulation problem. However, few would wish for a world where the astounding variety of dog breeds we see today didn’t exist. For those wishing to purchase a dog from a breeder, there are several things to consider.


As mentioned earlier, there are countless dogs needing good homes. Shelters across the country work with stretched budgets to do their absolute best to get as many of these into good homes as possible. Unfortunately there are always more dogs than there are homes. For this reason, some shelters are forced to operate as ‘kill shelters’ where dogs who cannot be re-homed or who have certain behavioral or medical conditions will be euthanized. This tragedy is hard to solve but every dog rescued from a shelter helps to alleviate the burden placed on the nation’s shelters.

Research Dogs

Whatever your position may be on the use of animals in medical research, no one can question the nobility in giving dogs from such medical research programs a loving home. A quick online search will reveal several reputable post research adoption programs if you want to look into this route.

Pet Stores

Although there are some well run, responsible pet stores, many source dogs of dubious backgrounds for sale at an unjustifiable premium. Many veterinarians see pets purchased by excited pet owners coming in for examination with completely avoidable parasites and diseases. These reflect dogs who are being bred and traded as commodities rather than future family members. If you choose to purchase a dog from a pet store, you should consider reaching out to local veterinary practices to get their feedback on the store in question – they may have seen lots of the puppies coming through their facility and be able to give you a sense of their quality.


For some people, another pet just won’t do. Their pet was so special they want them to live on through cloning. Several companies are now successfully cloning dogs and cats. These include Viagen amongst others. However, be prepared for a price tag reaching the tens of thousands and the possibility of a Pet that looks and acts differently to the original! There are enough Pets needing homes that this route is not necessary for most.

Whatever route you choose, at HomeHeart we believe in the huge value of the human animal bond. Though saying goodbye is never easy, it is our hope that, with time, you can open your heart up to a new furry, feathered or scaly friend.